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    Don't get spooked when disgruntled customers or jealous competitors try to destroy you with bad reviews and posts on the web. Our Reviewbusters team will help.

    If someone puts a negative review on your Yelp page, Facebook page, Google+ page—Glassdoor page, Amazon product page, or a blog—we'll write a powerful response to neutralize it.

    We may be able to turn it into a marketing opportunity! Even if it's a devastating attack.

    By marketing opportunity, we mean that we'll use the response to tell consumers what you want them to know. This is advantageous, because even your good reviews may not mention the most important points about your product or service. In the communications field, we refer to these as key messages. They're the features and benefits that most motivate prospects to buy from you.

    Thus, a negative review is an opportunity to turn something negative (the review) into a positive (delivering your key marketing messages). Check out our case studies, and decide for yourself.

    We'll also write private responses to reviewers, as well as asking a review site or other blog or website to remove a review. Both are important and sensitive communications that could benefit from the help of a professional communicator.

    Consumers Read Reviews Before Buying
    Study after study shows that most consumers now research products and services and read reviews online before making purchasing decisions (see our Research & Reviews Statistics page.)

    Studies also show that consumers change their minds about something they'd decided to purchased after reading negative information they found online. One study found that 4 out of 5 consumers have changed their minds about a recommended purchase based solely on negative information they found online.

    So it's important to respond to negative reviews and neutralize their impact on prospective customers. That's common sense, if you think about it. Otherwise, it's a one-way conversation that is damning to your business. This is true even if you have a lot of good reviews and a positive overall rating. See our discussion, Why You Should Respond.)

    But not all negative reviews and commentary require a response. It's useful to look at your web pages with consumer reviews and feedback—e.g., your Yelp, Google, Facebook or Glassdoor page—and try to see what prospective customers see. We're happy to evaluate your reviews or pages and give our recommendation about whether or not a response would be helpful.

    Communications Pros You Can Trust
    The senior writers and consultants at Review HELPER are experienced communication pros who've worked for international public relations agencies helping Fortune 500 and leading global companies with their crisis communications, risk communications, and issues management programs. (See our founder's bio.) We know how to write effective public responses to hostile situations.

    No Minimums or Retainer to Hire Us
    Review HELPER is designed to bring world-class expertise to small businesses at affordable prices and non-constraining business arrangements.

    For clients with ongoing service needs, e.g., we're responsible for writing several responses every month, we may enter into a monthly service agreement. But for clients with less predictable service needs, we're happy to do pay-per-service—pay as you go. Unlike most PR and marketing agencies, we require no multi-month contracts, retainers or minimums.

    We also designed our work process to be put as little time burden on you as possible. We tell you what information we need, and you provide it via email or phone.

    Get a Quick Quote
    If you have a specific review or reviews you feel are damaging, you can act right now. Fill out the formmail on our Response EXPRESS page and we'll get right back to you with a quote.

    Or you may want to discuss a broader program. Perhaps you have a lot negative reviews on different sites. You may have other web marketing needs that you'd like to discuss. If so, please fill out our Tell Us About Your Business form, and we'll arrange a phone meeting.