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    Our Review BUILDER service is an informed, responsible way to take a pro-active approach to generate high-quality reviews from your customers that you deserve—to promote both your reputation and search marketing goals. Review BUILDER:

  • Makes it as easy as possible for any customer, even those who cannot type, to generate reviews for you. All the customer has to do is answer a questionnaire, either on our website, or speak on the phone with one of our writers. We do the rest. Our writers craft the feedback into appropriate format for the review sites we target, and trained staff submit them—or we work with customers to make it easy for them to do the submissions. (Note: We do not open or work with accounts as proxies on review sites that forbid proxy accounts.)
  • Ensures the reviews are of high quality, so they communicate the most compelling product/ service benefits and messages to potential customers.
  • Ensures the reviews are keyword optimized for your business so that your profile pages rank high within directories and possibly on Google and other search engine SERPS.
  • Highlights key benefits and counter negative issues raised in other reviews. Our approach is message oriented. We develop your customer questionnaire to address specific issues so that we can include the feedback in customer reviews.
  • Maximize reviews for the effort/investment. It's beneficial to have lots of reviews on different review sites, for the SEO reasons already discussed. For each customer that participates, we generate reviews on four different review sites. Importantly, these reviews are tailored to each site, so there is no duplicate content from Google's perspective (duplicate content is a key negative ranking factor).
  • Knowledge, judgment and a customized approach are important aspects we bring to the table. As a professional service, we do most things manually, and we know what we're doing. Automated software solutions don't work well (e.g., the quality of the reviews is usually weak), and they can even get you into trouble, e.g., they create duplicate content by putting the same review on multiple sites.

  • How It Works
    We offer different options for getting information from customers (or patients or clients). Our recommended methodology is for our writers to speak live on the phone with your customers. This yields the highest quality information and the best results. Our writers are highly experienced in getting information from client customers and crafting reviews that are compelling, message oriented, and optimized for your keywords.

    With this approach, we generate four different high-quality reviews for each customer and submit them to four different review directories. This promotes quantity, velocity, and diversity of reviews—important factors for search engine rankings.

    We place reviews on popular general review directories, and also on relevant vertical-industry review sites— e.g., RateMDs if you're a doctor, RealSelf if you're a plastic surgeon, TripAdvisor if you're a hotel or restaurant, or Houzz if your a designer or contractor.

    (Note: We do not open or work with accounts as proxies on review sites that forbid proxy accounts. We will advise you on how best to deal with those sites.)

    These benefits—quality, quantity, diversity, keyword optimization—cannot be achieved by asking customers to do it themselves. We know. We've been working with clients on this since 2012.

    Our method is easy on you, because there's little information you have to explain. We show you how to qualify the best prospects for our program, and how to invite them to participate.

    The approach we describe, whereby we craft and submit four different reviews to four different directories or websites, costs:

    $225 per customer, involving phone conversations with our writers.

    $175 per customer, where we gather information via a website questionnaire.

    There's a $200 setup fee for the program, to cover background research and developing the questionnaire, as well as a two-customer guarantee.