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About Review HELPER

    Review HELPER helps clients preserve and build business through brand reputation management and marketing communications, primarily in online media.

    We write responses that help counter and neutralize negative reviews and commentary on crowdsourced media and any other public venue. Our message-oriented response strategy is so effective we often turn negative critiques into marketing opportunities! A message-oriented strategy is also the most effective way to respond to neutral and positive reviews.

    We also help clients generate new positive customer reviews, and provide solutions that promote a better customer experience. Our services include SEO & search marketing, social media outreach, issues/crisis management, presentation and media training, and content development.

    Review HELPER serves all markets in the U.S. and Canada, as well as other English-speaking countries, such as the United Kingdom and Australia.

    If you have any questions about Review HELPER, please call us at 800-685-1360 (int'l: 310-735-9875) or fill out our Tell Us About your Business form.

    If you need help responding to a review or multiple reviews, fill out our Response EXPRESS form and we'll give you a quote, usually within one business day.

    Review HELPER was created in 2012 by repositioning and rebranding the marketing services agency Sun Hunter Communications, which was founded in 1995 to provide traditional public relations and digital marketing services to venture-backed Internet start-ups and associations.

    After the dot-com bubble burst in 2000, we refocused on Internet marketing for businesses and organizations in any industry. Services included web development, website and ecommerce best practices consulting, search engine optimization and search engine marketing (SEO/ SEM), and online public relations and public affairs.

    In addition to helping many brick-and-mortar retailers selling on the web, our clients ranged from a local detective agency to Washington Mutual, from a local auto body shop to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

    Near the end the decade, it became clear that reviews and postings on directories, blogs, retail and employment sites and other crowdsourced social media were becoming the single most important factor for local businesses.

    We developed specialized capabilities to help clients respond effectively to negative reviews. And to help them acquire the positive reviews they deserve, through a positive customer experience, early identification of negative experiences, and engaging happy customers to provide online reviews.

    What People Say About You Matters
    Whether you're a plumber or podiatrist, restaurant or roofer, hotel or handyman, chiropractor or carpet cleaner—what people say about you online effects your business on the bottom line.

    The ascent of social media, with consumers' ability and desire to read their fellow consumers' reviews about products and services before making purchase decisions, is a double-edge sword.

    It's wonderful to get positive customer feedback. But then there's the other side of negative feedback, especially attack reviews intended to hurt you as much as possible. And these are not always from unhappy customers—competitors and disgruntled former employees often create fake reviews and postings to harm you.

    Responding to negative reviews is critical. Otherwise, there's a one-way negative conversation. (See Why You Should Respond.) However, responding to a negative review is sensitive and must be done well if it is to effectively counter the negative reviews and retain prospective customers' interest in buying from you.

    The senior writers and consultants at Review HELPER are experienced communication pros who've worked for international public relations agencies helping Fortune 500 companies with crisis communications and issues management programs.