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Response EXPRESS Quick Quote

    Our Response EXPRESS Quick Quote makes it easy for you to take action to deal with negative reviews and postings using our Reviewbusters service. Here's how it works.

    • Fill out the form below, providing as much detail as you can. If you have questions that need answers before filling out this form, please use the general Contact Us form.
    • (Note at the bottom of the form the question about primary communications method: email or phone. We're happy to use either. Phone communication requires more staff time and thus costs more.
    • We'll get back to you—either with follow-up questions first, or directly with a quote. (For a single response assignment, the cost typically will be between $200 to $500. Other services will vary.)
    • If you email us back and agree to our quote, we'll send you a link to sign up for our service
    • The sign-up link will be to an agreement/TOS, and once you sign off on that, you'll be taken to a payment page, where you can pay my major credit card or PayPal.
    • Once signed up, we'll contact you in a day or two, either for a phone appointment (if you selected phone for communications method), or we'll email you with our questions. And we'll implement the assignment.

    Please Note: Your information, including your contact information, is confidential and proprietary and will not be disclosed to any third party.