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Citations (IYP/ Directories)

    All the web directories, Internet yellow pages (IYP) and other places listing local businesses are called citations in SEO industry jargon. Cumulatively, they are critically important location signals for local rankings, especially the Google Map local pack listings.

    To have strong, trustworthy signals, your NAP (name, address, phone) information needs to be correct in your citation listings. And to avoid confusion, to signal the strongest possible trust in your location, your NAP information should be presented consistently in all the directories, e.g, if "Street" is spelled out in one place, it should not be abbreviated somewhere else.

    We will find and correct all your existing incorrect citations.

    Our approach to citations is completely manual. Many people use tools like Whitespark. We also use the tools to cover all the bases, but more important is that we first actually search Google to find the citations. This way we know how Google prioritizes what's important for you and your business category and market.

    Unless we have login info from the client (rare except for Yelp and Google), we need to either "claim" an existing listing or add a new listing, both of which require creating an account and verifying it through email or phone. The phone verifications will require having a contact at each client location who will work with us.

    Duplicate Listings
    A major source of confusion with web directories is duplicate listings. Duplicate listings are common, especially if you're had more than one business address. Where this happens, there are usually errors or inconsistencies in one or both or all of the multiple listings.

    It's especially bad when your business has a duplicate listing problem on Google+; fortunately, it's been much easier to correct duplicate listings since the launch of Google My Business. Duplicate listings are difficult to correct.

    Competitive Research & New Listings
    We'll also research your competitors who are successful in Google local packs and organic ranking for your keywords, and for each of your locations. If we find any citations they have that you don't, we submit your listing. By taking this approach, we make sure you're in the directories Google thinks are important for your business category and market.

    At the end of the project, we submit a status spreadsheet document, providing a list of new and updated sites, the status, and the login information for all the accounts we claimed and created.