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Google My Business

    Since Google is the search engine that matters, what could be more important than Google's own local business products for establishing your location signal and business category with Google?

    We can help make sure that your local business is properly listed and fully optimized with Google.

    Or you can do it yourself. Prior to June 2014, it was confusing to manage a local listing in Google+, Google Places, Google maps, etc. Now it is much easier to optimize your listing. Google My Business is a dashboard, a single location where business owners can manage their local business listing information for Google+, Google Maps, Google Search—their entire online presence with Google.

    Whether you do it or we do, it's important to make sure your listing is accurate and filled out as completely as possible, including images and even video. Especially important are:

      • Full NAP info (name, address, phone), e.g., include the full street address, not just the city. And make sure it's in a form consistent with what's on your website and other web directories.
      • Include the company website URL.
      • Mark sure the marker is in the correct location on maps. Even though the address is correct, sometimes the map marker is wrong.
      • Having the correct business category. This is critical. Yet we see so many businesses that have the wrong category, as though they got it wrong and didn't think it important enough to correct.

      Again, getting your information into Google is much easier than it used to be. However, it is imperative that you get it right. Not having it there, and especially no having it correct, can adverse impact your local search rankings.